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The Phantom Man Duology

The Phantom Man Duology

i! Read The Phantom Man Duology by #ChaieneSantos. Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish on Amazon.
At that exact moment, before the sad truth was uncovered, the mage stretched his arm. Suddenly, everything changed… Time stopped and everyone was static. The only ones with movements were Juan and Philip. The baby opened his eyes. The wizard looked at him and smiled.
“You’ll be all right, Prince of the Wizards. May the Gods be with you…”
He placed the boy, who was a newborn too, on the bed. He delicately passed his hands on the stillborn baby’s body, took some of its blood and placenta, and rubbed them over Philip, who looked like a child that had just been born there, at that exact moment. He stared at the other kid, the one who would not open its eyes to see that world.

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