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#3 #Cyberpunk English Wattpad Stories

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#3 #Cyberpunk in English Wattpad stories.

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LOGLINE: An insecure young man, in love with a mysterious classmate, who reveals herself to be an alien willing to do anything to save her universe, finds himself involved in a risky journey where he is the only one capable of saving an alien princess from a mortal enemy.


PLOT: Loveplot, Voyage and Return

Where did the idea to write the #TheChildrenOfTime Trilogy come from?

One of the books of Dentistry that I studied, talked about the tendency of human beings to decrease the size and number of teeth because of the industrialized diet we currently use. We might compare Homo sapiens with our ancestors, the Australopithecus.So, how about thinking about Evolutio Hominis?

It is clear artificial intelligence and robotics can cause changes in human development (the theme I use in the #OOutroLado story idea), but The Children Of Time Trilogy (OSFilhosDoTempo) is to make us think about the future of humanity and, especially, the preservation of the environment.It follows the Synthetic Theory of Evolution about the survival of beings and transmission of the characteristics that best adapt to the environment to subsequent generations, genetic recombination and mutations during this process.I add that to the Einstein-Rosen bridge, which would make it possible to travel through wormholes and spatial folds consequent to the Theory of Relativity, allowing space-time-gravity travel.

I hope you enjoy it!

Target public: YA