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An impetuous young wizard able to cross the fine line that separates the world of the living from the world of the dead. On the other hand, an ambitious warlock capable of anything to dominate humanity, including resurrecting the dead. Which one will win?

In the deepest darkness,
in the most desperate moments,
magic will set you free.

When the last days of the world of magic seem to be approaching…
Dark times put the wizards of Europe at great risk. In the name of God, the Inquisition uses the Church power to manipulate people’s mind as well as to start a Witch Hunt that ends up burning to death innocent lives. However, the clerical true purpose is no other than to increase the Church’s wealth by exterminating anyone seen as a potential threat. At the same time, a rebellion takes place among sorcerers from the most respectable clans as some of them choose to surrender themselves to the practices of evil magic in a quest for unlimited power.

…a child with supernatural powers is born to change the fate of many lives… and deaths.
There is a prophecy… About a special child that will be able to unite the Kingdom of the Humans with the Kingdom of Magic… Someone with great powers, a Phantom Man with the ability to walk on the thin line that separates the living from the dead… And it falls on Juan, a wizard burdened by past traumas, the responsibility to fulfill the prophecy and guide that child in the path of goodness until the day that the supreme gift finally awakes. But he will have to fight against evil sorcerers, dreadful creatures, and face intrigue, treachery, and many deaths in a journey that is manipulated even by time itself.

Are you ready to meet the Phantom Man?

Chaiene Santos is the author of the sci-fi trilogy The Children of Time, his debut work in the fiction genre. Now, Chaiene surprises the readers again by inviting them to join him on an enchanted journey full of mysteries, danger, and lots of adventures. The Phantom Man is a great story that grabs the readers’ attention from cover to cover, making each page a rediscovery of magic and fantasy.