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An impetuous young wizard able to cross the fine line that separates the world of the living from the world of the dead. On the other hand, an ambitious warlock capable of anything to dominate humanity, including resurrecting the dead. Which one will win?

When opposing forces have a final clash, the outcome may be fatal…
Now that Klaus have found the object of his desire, will the evil warlock triumph… or wilL he be defeated by his own ambition?
Find out on the second and last part of The Phantom Man how the magic of love can be stronger than pure evil.
Chaiene Santos is the author of the sci-fi trilogy The Children of Time, his debut work in the fiction genre. Now, Chaiene surprises the readers again by inviting them to join him on an enchanted journey full of mysteries, danger, and lots of adventures. The Phantom Man is a great story that grabs the readers’ attention from cover to cover, making each page a rediscovery of magic and fantasy.